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The Average Height of College Basketball Players

These are the general guidelines for size requirements coaches look for in a basketball player. If you fall outside of these marks it doesn’t mean you can’t play at that level only that it might be more difficult.

Men’s Basketball

Point Guard 6’1+ 6’0+ 5’10+ 5’9+
Shooting Guard 6’3+ 6’2+ 6’0+ 5’10+
Small Forward 6’5+ 6’4+ 6’3+ 6’3+
Power Forward 6’7+ 6’6+ 6’5+ 6’4+
Center 6’9+ 6’8+ 6’7+ 6’6+

Women’s Basketball

Point Guard 5’8”+ 5’6”+ 5’5”+ 5’6”+
Shooting Guard 5’10”+ 5’8”+ 5’6”+ 5’8”+
Small Forward 5’11”+ 5’10”+ 5’8”+ 5’9”+
Power Forward 6’0+ 5’11”+ 5’9”+ 5’10”+
Center 6’2”+ 6’0”+ 5’11”+ 5’11”+

There isn’t a specific requirement with statistics because everything depends on what type of competition an athlete is playing against. An athlete in a weak division that scores 25+ PPG can be less talented than another athlete who scores only 15 PPG but plays in a higher division.

There are 349 Division 1 schools that have a maximum of 15 full-ride scholarships per women’s basketball program. Are you D1 ready?



There are 349 Division1 schools that have a maximum of 15 full-ride scholarships per women’s basketball program. In Division two there are 281 programs where 10 athletic scholarships can be allocated per program. These are equivalency grants in aid and can be spread out over a larger number of players.


All scholarships at NAIA level are partial. In D1 there are 105 institutions that can offer the equivalency of up to 11 basketball scholarships, and 124 Division 2 colleges can grant six scholarships.


There are 395 schools in both Division one and division two. Details are the same as below for men’s basketball.



There are 351 registered basketball programs at the NCAA D1 level. Each school can only offer 13 full-ride scholarships. At the division 2 level there are 309 programs and 10 full scholarships available per program. These are equivalency grants and can be divided between a larger number of players. 447 NCAA DIII schools also offer basketball as a sport; however, no athletic scholarships are awarded (other forms of financial aid may be available).


The NAIA has 236 thriving basketball programs over two divisions: 108 Division 1 colleges and 128 DII Schools. Across both divisions, 12 basketball scholarships are available in the form of equivalency grants.


The NJCAA allows scholarships in division one and two. There are 221 Junior College D1 schools and 123 DII community colleges that offer scholarships. 15 full-ride scholarships are available for each JUCO basketball program. There are no athletic scholarships awarded in division three, but athletes with good academic records may be eligible for other forms of financial grants.

College Basketball Recruiting Tips.

Don’t be complacent and think that just because you’re a good player that college scouts and recruiters will find you. Put together your athletic resume and put it in to the hands of the people that count: college basketball coaches.

Get Good Grades.

Without good grades and ensuring you have met all of the Eligibility standards you won’t get recruited. Coaches want to recruit basketball players who have strong grades and remain academically qualified throughout their college eligibility.

Register with the NCAA/NAIA Eligibility Center.

It is critically important to register and ensure that you’re eligible to play college basketball.

College Basketball Recruiting Camps.

Attending camps is one way to gain exposure and receive expert coaching. Basketball coaches, scouts, and recruiters attend these camps and it’s a great place to showcase your talent.